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Core Ales

We produce all of our ales for cask or bottles and will soon be providing some of our craft ales in keg and can.

Solstice Gold– 3.8% ABV

A golden ale, gently mashed with pure pale malts and three varieties of hops – Golding, Fuggles and Pilgrim. This is a light and refreshing ale, no matter what time of year you enjoy it.

Croft – 4.2% ABV

A bitter pale ale, mashed with pale and crystal malts, and three varieties of hops – cascade, chinook and willamette. This is a medium bodied session ale.

Pershore Pale Ale (IPA) – 4.5% ABV

A classis India Pale Ale, using English pale and crystal malts and English hops: Golding and Fuggles.
This Pale Ale is amber in colour, has a delicate yes classic rounded flavours and light floral aroma. This is a refreshing pale ale providing a refreshing hoppy taste.

Craft Beer / Specials

Man in a Hat, 4.8% ABV

The pale ale has an abundance of high-alpha bittering hops (Nugget and Galena) and packed full of Cascade (US) aroma hops. The hop mixture provides an earthy, yet aromatic citrus flavour with undertones of grapefruit and a floral hit on the nose.

Captain Dangerfield, 4.2% ABV

Utilising three different malt types and two distinctive high alpha-acid hops for bittering and aroma. A careful mixture of UK and US hops delivers a clean crisp bitterness with spicy, fresh, pine, floral and berry aroma’s.

Oh Betty (Juniper Ale) – 5.0% ABV

Oh Betty is a rich amber ale, with distinct floral aroma and, on first taste, has a delicate yet citrus bitterness, whilst finishing the palette with a dry Juniper hit.

Award Winning: Recently winning a Two Star award from The Guild of Fine foods (Great Taste Awards).

Elder May, 3.8% Elderflower Blonde

An Elderflower ale that depicts the start of Summer. Bright and light with a dry Pilsner base, it gets an intense caramel aroma from the Chateau Cara Blond Malt. A light and delicate ale the citrus tones of the Cascade hops only enhance the beautiful and subtle floral flavours left behind by the Elderflowers.

Black Moon, 5.0% Porter

Don’t be fooled by this aromatic dark ale giving you a deep roasted dark and chocolate maltiness. This ale is light and warming in the mouth whilst still packing a hoppy punch and the zing from the ginger and lemongrass.

It Takes 2 to Mango, 5.5% Mango Pale Ale

This is a delicious tropical ale, using fresh mango and complimented with three fruity and balanced hops; it has aromas that will take you to the tropical Brazilian Copacabana beach. A rich deep golden ale that will leave your taste buds dancing.

Digital Geek

Digital Geek range of ales are a nod to Sean’s career in technology.

REBOOT, 4.0% American Pale Ale

The American Pale Ale has an abundance of high-alpha bittering hops and packed full of Citra aroma hops. The Hop mixture provides an fruity, yet aromatic citrus flavour with undertones of pine and a floral hit on the nose.

CTRL-ALT-DELETE, 5.2% Pale Ale

The Pale Ale, brewed with Pilsner grain and coloured by Cara and Caragold malts, has an abundance of high-alpha aroma hops. The Hop mixture provides a fruity, yet aromatic citrus flavour with undertones of mango and tropical fruits, and a floral hit on the nose.

Black Screen of Death, 4.7% Stout

A classic stout of rich dark malts with hints of chocolate giving a slight malty bitter finish. This ale has a fresher modern feel obtained from the gentle dry hop character.

Lager Bier

Helles Lager Bier, 4.8% Larger Bier

Inspired by German beers, our lager is cool fermented, using bottom fermenting yeast to give a smooth, rich and refreshing flavour. Using Tettnang hops for base flavour and dry hopping with Hallertau Blanc to compliment the German Malts from Bamburg giving a classic Bavarian feel to this beer.


CollaBEERation range of ales are in association with a Worcestershire brewing collaboration.

Lakeshore, 4.4% Pale Ale

This is our exciting collaboration pale ale with Lakehouse Brewery, of Malvern. This ale is a light, fresh, easy summer drinking ale with a light hop aroma.

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